Beehold Cakes

Cake & Cookies are made fresh to order. Remember to eat cake for breakfast, you’ll thank us for it!

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our story

Beehold Cakes started in 2016 in the comfort of our own home. Our friends and family raved so much about our Signature Coconut cake we could not resist creating more flavors. We started out as a cottage industry baking in our kitchens and delivering to those around us. We quickly gained popularity and that’s how we opened up our “Tiny Shop” in 2017. We call it the Tiny Shop because it truly was tiny.

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At the Tiny shop we set our own hours and worked mostly on weekends. About a year later in 2018 we jumped on the opportunity to start our own shop in the Cherry Creek Mall. That was an experience! Through the Cherry Creek mall we built our customer base by making people happy with cake! Following the mall, we decided to simplify again and move back to baking out of our homes. Laura’s daughter, Tiana was thrilled to hop on and start selling Beehold Cakes in the Northern Colorado region in the fall of 2019. We are now a woman operated business sharing cake and happiness! Our speciality is pound cake. We have over 20 different delicious and rich flavors. Our sugar cookies with vanilla buttercream are too hard to resist. You can find us doing pop-ups at local boutiques or community events. Remember, it’s always okay to EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!
  1. Early Beginning


  2. Tiny Shop

    Tiny Shop - 2017

  3. Cherry Creek Mall

    Cherry Creek Mall - 2018

  4. Cherry Creek Mall

    Cherry Creek Mall - 2018